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Below is a partial list of homes that were previously listed with another broker or owners who tried to sell themselves and did not sell. Then I was hired and SOLD the home.

5254 SE 65th Ave., Portland
7344 SE Harnish St., Hilsboro
17802 S Nestle Ln., Oregon City
1130 NE 195th Ave., Portland
1914 D Street, Forest Grove
4102 SE Filbert St., Milwaukie
8036 SE Carlton St., Portland
15803 SE Rickshire, Milwaukie
8955 SE 92nd Ave., Portland
11110 SE Azar Dr., Portland
4631 SW Pomona St., Portland
14553 SE Kingston Ave., Milwaukie
12430 SE Mill St., Portland
4530 SW 194th Ct., Aloha
6124 NE 17th Ave., Portland
724 N Shaver St., Portland
5656 NE 58th Ave., Portland
11921 SE Foster Rd., Portland
15195 SW Basalt Ct., Beaverton
14976 S Hoffman Rd., Oregon City
3318 SW Idaho St., Portland
5512 SE 91st Ave., Portland
2497 SE Hacienda Ave., Gresham
9820 SE Telford Rd., Boring
4260 NE Holman St., Portland
318 Morton Rd., Oregon City
2108 SE 179th Ave., Portland
697 SE 10th St., Troutdale
12800 SE Regency View Dr., Clackamas
1326 S Heather St., Cornelius
13320 SE Nixon Ave., Milwaukie
7926 SE 103rd Ave., Portland
114 Lola St., Molalla
3030 SW 180th Pl., Beaverton
4304 NE Holman St., Portland
15372 S Holcomb Blvd., Oregon City
2350 NE 152nd Pl, Portland
25 NW Bella Vista Dr., Gresham
2251 NE 132nd Ave., Portland
3404 19th Ave., #118, Forest Grove
4251 NE Laurelhurst Pl., Portland
4190 SW 164th Ave., Beaverton
2603 NE 144th Ave., Portland
1404 NE Going St., Portland
8330 SE Gray St., Portland
6685 SW Burnside Rd. #353, Portland
19944 White Cloud Cr., West Linn
3282 SE Stephens St., Portland
17921 SW Farwest Dr., Sherwood
7142 SE Center St., Portland
1031 SE 23rd Ct., Gresham
16390 SW Myrica Ct., Sherwood
714 NE Meadow Dr., Portland
1086 N 25th St., Cornelius
5105 SE 36th Ave., Portland
1557 NE Vista Dr., Gresham
2470 SE Lindenbrook Ct., Milwaukie
6403 SE 71st Ave., Portland
544 S Ivy St., Cornelius
616 NE 28th Ave., Portland
13455 SW Hazel St., Beaverton
6262 SE Duke St., Portland
2025 SE 158th Pl., Portland
7018 SE 45th Ave., Portland
41673 NW Buckshire Ln., Banks
5720 SW Meridian Way, Tualatin
19125 NE Multnomah Ct., Portland
17800 S Percheron Dr., Oregon City
Lot 1 Joanne Meadows, Oregon City
Lot 2 Joanne Meadows, Oregon City
57250 E Marmot Rd., Sandy
4927 SE Henderson St.,Portland
20431 SW Tremont Rd., Beaverton
737 NE 99th Ave., #7, Portland
21507 NE Halsey St., Fairview
9708 SE 75th Ave., Portland
14221 SW Barrows Rd., Tigard
545 NW Battaglia St., Gresham
2214 SW Spence Ct., Troutdale
6430 SE 83rd Ave.,Portland
1293 NE 17th Ave., Hillsboro
25700 S River Lake Rd., Estacada
4715 SE 41st Ave., Portland
207 SE 30th Ave., Portland
2407 NW Ava Ave., Gresham
1008 SE 172nd Ave., Portland
6343 SE 90th Ave., Portland
60658 E Alt Rd., Sandy
12954 S Wyland Rd., Molalla
15071 NE Glisan St., Portland
410 W Arlington St., Gladstone
16880 SW Wilsonville Rd., Wilsonville
21720 NE Palisade Place., Fairview
2232 NE 131st Ave., Portland
3045 SE Willow Dr., Hillsboro
23730 NE Shamrock Ct., Wood Village
35770 SE Wildcat Mountain Rd., Eagle Creek
6506 SE Tenino St., Portland
10607 SE 36th Ave., Milwaukie
38833 SE Kitzmiller Rd., Eagle Creek
2030 NE Knott St., Portland
19414 S Creek Rd., Oregon City
2620 SW 16th Pl., Gresham
2428 Margery St.,West Linn
155 SE 16th Ct., Gresham
20165 Heider Dr., Oregon City
3329 SE 33rd Ave., Portland
1838 N Farragut St., Portland
12720 SE Alder St., Portland
6818 N Oatman St., Portland
15280 Penny Ave., Sandy
3025 SE 118th Ave., Portland
6912 SE Center St., Portland
845 SE 63rd Dr., Hillsboro
2185 SW 19th St., Gresham
5574 SE Tambara Ct., Milwaukie
685 Columbia Dr., Molalla
10711 SE Lizz Cir., Happy Valley
738 SE 156th Pl., Portland
214 SE Vista Ave., Gresham
12950 SE 129th Ct., Happy Valley
21107 SE Yamhill St., Portland
3628 SE 13th Ave., Portland
698 Columbia Dr., Molalla
3790 NE 2nd St., Gresham
1523 NE 21 St., Gresham
6549 NE Rosebay Dr., Hillsboro
637 SE 137th Ave., Portland
4138 SE 130th Ave., Portland
12708 SE Holgate Blvd., Portland
7533 N Chatham Ave., Portland
9270 SW Klamath Ct., Tualatin
5915 SE Willow Ln., Milwaukie
2516 SW 23rd St., Troutdale
2826 SE 120th Ave., Portland
9624 SE Reedway St., Portland
4480 SE White Lake Rd., Milwaukie
7840 SW 51st Ave., Portland
6195 SW 150th Ave., Beaverton
13561 SW 62nd Ave., Portland
600 NW Roydon Ter., Beaverton
3009 Wembley Park, Lake Oswego
9882 SE Brandeis St., Clackamas
20762 NE Caden St., Fairview
2015 SE Ellis St., Portland
15723 SE Clinton St., Portland
3110 15th Pl., Forest Grove
4997 SE Pioneer Ln., Troutdale
3005 S Heather St., Cornelius
8989 N Hamlin Ave., Portland
8321 NE Hassalo St., Portland
1088 Westward Ho Rd., Lake Oswego
4830 NE Everett St., Portland
4218 SE Pardee St., Portland
17995 SW Granada Dr., Aloha
9280 SW View Ter., Tualatin
1065 NE Hill Way., Estacada
3035 NE 157th Ave., Portland
32300 SW Del Monte Dr., Wilsonville
13709 SE Lincoln Ct., Portland
16304 NE Fargo St., Portland
16363 SE Van Zyl Dr., Damascus
7921 N Syracuse St., Portland
228 SW Lillyben Ave., Gresham
7604 SW Bayberry Dr., Aloha
6523 SE 84th Ave., Portland
917 Clearbrook Dr., Oregon City
20225 S Forest Hill Dr., Oregon City
28209 S Shibley Rd., Colton
11890 SE 117th Ave., Clackamas
8143 SE 52nd Ave., Portland
3612 SE Wister Ct., Milwaukie
313 NE 190th Ave., Portland
23182 S Schieffer Rd., Colton
7700 NE Tillamook St., Portland
14271 SE Village Slope Ct., Happy Valley
54901 E Kirkwood Dr., Sandy
13120 SE 128th Ave., Happy Valley
4301 SE Lexington St., Portland
4836 SE Knapp St., Portland
16284 S Barlow Dr., Oregon City
27149 S Dave Rd., Canby
3825 NE 138th Ave., Portland
47635 E Historic Columbia River Hwy., Corbett
13585 SW Fern St., Tigard
359 SE Gilham Ave., Portland
10420 SE Walnut Dr., Happy Valley
7555 S Ridge Rd., Gladstone
4701 NE Killingsworth St., Portland
1487 NE Paloma Ave., Troutdale
11177 SE Pheasant Ridge Rd., Happy Valley
27880 SE Sylvian Way., Boring
6306 SE 45th Ave., Portland
42311 SE Porter Rd., Estacada
3608 E Burnside St., Portland
1524 SE 38th Ave., Portland
22047 NE Lachenview Ln., Fairview
394 N 4th Ave., Cornelius
13501 SE Harold St., Portland
8842 SE Tiffany Ct., Milwaukie
6506 SE 40th Ave., Portland
737 NE Skidmore St., Portland
1012 SE 46th Ave., Troutdale
12750 SW 107th Ct., Tigard
11944 SE Pardee St., Portland
4380 SE Hillyard Rd., Gresham
27330 SW Grahams Ferry Rd., Sherwood
10934 SW Edgemont St., Beaverton
3344 SE 141st Ave., Portland
5428 SW 187th Ave., Aloha
1670 SW Eastwood Ct., Gresham
6825 SE 64th Ave., Portland
12448 SE 41st Ct., Milwaukie
5537 SW Florida St., Portland
5301 SE Verbena Pl., Hillsboro
9022 SW Waverly Dr., Tigard
19351 Inishbride Ct., Oregon City
Lot on SW Melville Ave., Portland
2982 SE Vista Way, Gresham
13751 S New Era Rd., Oregon City
17722 NE Pacific St., Portland
11495 SE Revenue Rd., Boring
11962 SE Grand Vista Dr., Clackamas
21511 NE Rockne Way, Hillsboro
15445 SE 262nd Ave., Boring
930 Rilance Ln., Oregon City
19721 NE Everett St., Portland

15861 SE Tong Rd., Damascus

14050 SW 164th Ave., Tigard

88059 E Creek Ridge Rd., Government Camp

5315 N Greeley Ave., Portland

12053 SW Whistlers Loop, Tigard

4014 SE Ramona St., Portland

4444 SE 57th Ave., Portland

3653 Hoodview St., Forest Grove